Tank Top – 2008 CAWS Convention

24th C.A. World Convention: “To Practice These Principles:” May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah

Ruby C.) was a member of the 2008 CAWS Convention Committee and helped with Memorabilia and thought the ‘To Practice These Principles’ full convention logo would not look very good on a woman’s shirt. Pulling this sun design from the logo in order to create memorabilia that would appeal more to the ladies in the fellowship, the design was put off-center and towards the bottom of a ladies cut black T-shirt. The sun design was such a great success that CAWS Offices later had the sun design embroidered on the back of a zip-up hoodie sold by the Office for a couple years.

Private Collection, Ruby C., Utah

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