Archiving Tutorials

Disclaimer: In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. The information presented in these tutorials are not the opinions of Cocaine Anonymous, nor are they endorsed by Cocaine Anonymous. These videos are strictly informational and presented in the spirit of collaboration by fellow Archivists wishing to be helpful to other Archivists.

What would the world look like without archives?

Download this PDF Slide show: CA-Why-Have-An-Archive.pdf

What I love about archives?

The Importance of Digital Archives.

Archive Data Management

Arrangement and description of small archival collections

Introduction to Arranging Archives

Records Management 101.

Archival Processing.

Handling Objects in a Archival or Museum Setting.

Basics of Paper Conservation.

The Contents of a Museum Labelling and Marking Kit: A Collections Care How To Guide.

Labelling and marking paper objects in museum collections.

Textile Storage Tips

Conducting an Oral Historical Interview

Labelling and marking textiles in museum collections.

Marking museum objects using the starch paste method.

Online Museum Training – Creating a Small Exhibition.

In depth presentation on Archive Description.