T-shirt – 2020 COVID-19

Around October 2019, a new coronavirus caused an outbreak in China, then started to spread around the world. The illness caused by the virus was dubbed COVID-19. As the coronavirus spread, entire cities and even entire countries were placed on ‘lock down’ in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. These lock downs meant most people were confined to their homes, non-essential businesses were closed, and social gatherings were banned. Face-to-face meetings were closed for months and many events and conventions were cancelled. This caused a severe decrease in the amount of 7th Tradition funds being donated to C.A. World Services Office (WSO). The New York Area created this shirt in Spring 2020 in an effort to help raise funds for WSO.

Private Collection, Ruby C., Utah

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  1. The NY AREA DID NOT create this shirt, I DID, BOB O. WHO SOLD IT only online and sold over 120 shirts to make a profit of $1800.00 for CA


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