Face-Mask (C.A. Daily Meds Face Mask)

The Daily Meds online meeting of Cocaine Anonymous started shortly after the 2020 lockdown in the UK started. A phone call between 2 fellow had the idea to set up a daily meditation- step 11 meeting everyday from Monday to Friday at 8am GMT. The meeting started on the 27th March 2020 and was going to run for lockdown, however due to the ongoing success of the meeting it has been running five days a week since and will continue. We have had shares from and visitors from across the globe as well as from around the U.K.

We produced a logo and printed these fabulous face masks to celebrate the meeting as well as raise a few extra coins for the district at time when it was widely regarded that tradition 7 donations had dropped.

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  1. Hey guys it is so cool seeing our face masks in the museum. Our meeting is still going strong with a core of 30 members each day . We have recently lost a valuable member and the unity has been amazing. She was one of the original members and displayed great Hope Faith and Courage staying clean and sober until her passing.
    Happy 39th birthday CA – RIP Ruby x


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