“Dock” Crandell – 1916 – 1985 – Early Atlanta, Georgia C.A. Member

According to Leon K. (an early 1984 CA Member of Atlanta, Georgia), said that “Dock” (his nickname) Crandall who was originally A.A. brought C.A. from California to Atlanta, Georgia sometime in the summer of 1983 because many of his prospects were “cocaine junkies.” The first Atlanta Area meeting of Cocaine Anonymous took place on August 1, 1983 at 8:00pm at the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 4755 North Peachtree Road in Dunwoody.

“Dock” was killed accidentally (November 26, 1985) on a 12 Step call to one of his sponsees who had relapsed and was going to commit suicide with a shotgun. “Dock” tried to intervene and the shotgun accidentally discharged killing “Dock.”

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