Badge holder – 2008 CAWS Convention

For several years, C.A. World Conventions had branded badge holders. The convention programs were then printed in small booklets so they could fit inside the badge holder. These badge holders had gradually gotten bigger and bigger, and were jokingly referred to as the ‘neck wallet.’ In 2008, the committee chose to go with this smaller size badge holder. The program was not printed in a size that fit in this badge holder. This is also the last or next to the last World Convention to have a branded badge holder. This version of the badge holder has been bought in bulk multiple times by CAWSO. This color/style of badge holder has been utilized by most of the World Conventions since 2008 and at the CAWS Conference.

24th C.A. World Convention
To Practice These Principles
May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2008
Red Lion Hotel
Salt Lake City, Utah

Private Collection, Ruby C., Utah

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