1 thought on “10 year Anniversary Chip – 2nd Generation”

  1. CALA had decided on a special celebration for its 1992 ten-year anniversary. I was Chairman for that event committee. In the true spirit of CA it would be fun and free. The venue selected would be the Veterans Auditorium in Culver City, not cheap but reasonable and fit our needs. It was decided that the “fee” for entry would be a CA chip, any denomination and that was the only accepted fee. We did not accept money for entry even if offered. In return attendees were given one of these limited edition gold on black 10 Year Anniversary chips. There would be a speaker (I believe it was Ken C) and a dance to follow. I was the meeting leader. The event was well attended and a huge success. For a free event we even made money (several hundred $$$ if I remember correctly) based solely on refreshment and merchandise sales.


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